This stand, cardboard POP display is crafted from corrugated paper, offering a lightweight sale  Table, Banner or Standup.  The point-of-purchase floor-standing racks are unlike stationary store fixtures. They can be transported anywhere within a business, from next to a checkout counter, holding candy for kids to look through, to next to a makeup counter, displaying the latest skincare line. The cardboard POP display is often placed near the end of an aisle or in a heavily-trafficked area. These are an affordable substitute to pricier, heavier and more stationary point of sale racks. The four levels of space comes in handy when looking to showcase different brands or types of items in a single floor stand.

Creative Displays Now can help design your power table  display, also called sidekick display or end cap display, and enable you to increase your product Show-through at the retail level. Our power wings / sidekicks are designed to hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture. Most of these displays ship pre-packed for quick setup. Many retailers have permanent end cap hardware to house pre-packed sidekicks from manufacturers--our design center has access to their dimensions and requirements. Some sidekicks / power wing displays ship with a temporary base that allows a retailer to use the display as a floor stand. Increase your product sell-through by letting us help you design the perfect power wing / sidekick display solution for you

The following Posters are crafted from corrugated paper, Gloss laminate: 


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