All our products are printed in the USA and DR using the best impression, 
techniques and materials, which is why they look so pretty. If you have in front of you an image size made ​​by us in real life, is so real, that you do is going to look like this with that person. 
These images are beautiful, many of our customers use it to send to represent important events, such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, husbands or wives., Girlfriends and boyfriends who are separate place for some reason. Our pictures are printed full size, full color, high definition. Ours images are constructed in Paper Photography, laminate resistant to moisture, cardboard reinforced double with profiles of PVC, which guarantee long life (over 50 years) .These image is easy to be folded and stored or transported Worldwide. For ease of transportation, postal delivery costs are relatively low. 

Waiting ... place your order and then send us your photo along with your name and address, the height in real life. A: info@happy4print.com and we put the rest of work. No matter the background behind the image. We recommend placing your camera MP size the largest possible (eg 16MP, 18MP, 24MP scribes etc. if you need help at no cost). This helps to improve the image resolution. Also you can send two photos one with the whole body and one with the face. We do the rest. 
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For best results, we recommend that you take your high resolution photo, also send us two photos separated from the face and other body including the face. No matter the background of the image. We do not recommend taking picture with cell phones. And if the photo is the internet you can send the photo and the place where he is. Images taken with a digital camera will give you the best results. 
We can ship its size in real life anywhere in the world. An additional import tax can be paid in some countries by the buyer. 
Please if the image is of someone else, you should have the necessary permission to distribute the image. 

Custom Stand up 



Product Description

Available sizes:
Mini Up 18 "$ 23.5
Medium body (19 "to 30") 34.5
Medium plus: 31 "to 42" $ 44.00
Life-size 1: 43 "to 52" $ 74.00
Life-size 2: 53 "to 75" $ 77.00
Life size 3: 76 "to 80" $ 84.00
Large Object: 81 "to 90" $ 96.00
The Standee are products that catch the attention of all. Send us a picture and we will achieve the rest. The standups are widely used in shops products and services to increase sales. Also are fun at parties. You will be the center of attraction with its Standup. also are used in the celebration of birthdays., wedding, work center, meeting televion and many more places.
We manufacture corrugated cardboard clear plastic laminate to extend product shelf life.







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